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The latest information about the 2019 Novel Coronavirus, including vaccine clinics for children ages 6 months and older.

La información más reciente sobre el nuevo Coronavirus de 2019, incluidas las clínicas de vacunación para niños de 6 meses en adelante.


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Bone Health

US News - Stanford Medicine Children's HealthAt Stanford Medicine Children’s Health, we bring experts in endocrinology, orthopedics, sports medicine, adolescent medicine, geneticsnephrology and physical therapy together to provide the best possible treatments for primary and secondary osteoporosis.

Causes of osteoporosis

Treatment options include:

  • Genetic analysis for primary osteoporosis
  • Treating the chronic disease or the underlying condition causing secondary osteoporosis; minimizing use of medications harmful to bone, if possible
  • Optimizing nutrition
  • Optimizing calcium intake and vitamin D level
  • Exercises to build strength and optimize movement
  • Drug treatment (bisphosphonates) if fractures occur
  • Surgery to fix fractures or reposition bones, if needed

Bone Health Care Team